Welcome to the 6th International Conference on Life Cycle Management – LCM 2013

We are happy to welcome you to LCM 2013 – the 6th International Conference on Life Cycle Management in Gothenburg 2013, 25-28 August.

LCM 2013 is hosted by CPM – the Swedish Life Cycle Center – a Life Cycle Management-platform where industry, institutes, academy and government join forces in the ambition to reduce the environmental impact of current and future production and consumption systems.

Thank you all who have made this year to a successful (and busy) year. The LCM 2013 conference was a success and we hope that we all can use our new contacts to start up new collaboration projects and activities.   

Keynote speeches

By: admin 2013-10-16

We hope you enjoyed the keynote speeches and the interactive session! During the interactive session each keynote speaker asked the audience a question, the audience could then reply through a sms service. You are most welcome to have a look at the questions and answers from the Interactive session. Opening... 

Summing up LCM 2013

By: admin 2013-09-04

Interested in statistics about LCM 2013 and/or session reflections? Have a look at Summing up LCM 2013 and Session reflections LCM 2013.