Conference Venue

The conference venue will be the newly built Clarion Hotel Post, in central Gothenburg,, located at Drottningtorget 10.

Clarion Hotel Post opened January 26th 2012.

The post office on Drottningtorget in Gothenburg is an impressive, much-appreciated public building. Designed by Ernst Torulf, it is a typical 1920s building in neo-classical style and has been designated an historical building by the Swedish State. The building is now  developed into an efficient, modern hotel facility suited to contemporary requirements for logistics and functionality.

A new building containing 500 hotel rooms with a rooftop sun terrace and pool overlooking Gothenburg has been constructed next to the old post office, on the site of the old loading yard that faces Åkareplatsen and Odinsgatan. Half of the façade is covered with slate and the other half with copper – the same materials used in the original post office building.


Contact information to Clarion Post can be found here


Travel within Gothenburg

In Gothenburg, almost everything is within walking distance. Gothenburg has a comprehensive public transport system. Tickets can be purchased at Pressbyrån, 7-Eleven (one way, one day or three days tickets).

Public transport:!/en/travel-information/


Emma Rex and Sara Palander (from the organizing committee) were watching the conference venue when it was being built, 2011.