Thematic lunch sessions

New for this year´s conference is the thematic lunch sessions. During lunchtime conference delegates have the opportunity to attend interesting seminars and discussions. Join on a first come first served basis. Maximum delegates 100, including lunch.

Towards global leadership in resource efficiency
Hosted by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute
Monday, August 26 (12.20 pm – 01.15 pm)

Resource efficiency is on top of the agenda in Europe. UNEP has established a Resource Panel. Obviously resource efficiency is a key concept in the global environmental agenda of today.

You are welcome to take part in a discussion relating to the history of resource efficiency, from Limits to growth, via the Energy crisis, Integrated Product Policy and Sustainable Consumption and Production, to current days. What will be the path forward? And what role will life cycle management play in the efforts to global resource efficiency and sharing?



Management of green product portfolios
Hosted by SKF and WWF
Tuesday, August 27 (12.20 pm – 01.15 pm)

Following the panel discussion in the session on management of green product portfolios, you are invited by SKF and WWF to join a thematic lunch session. Participants are divided in groups and placed at ten lunch tables. While enjoying the meal we follow-up and deepen the panel discussion, with support from a moderator at each table that is provided by the session hosts. Halfway through the lunch, a recent MSc study on the application of green portfolios is presented, to further stimulate thoughts and opinions. This is an opportunity to get deeper understanding of, and contribute to, a fast evolving area of lifecycle management. Focus of the lunch discussions will be on credibility of carbon claims, criteria for carbon accounting of portfolios and whether there is a need for international guidance or standards for carbon accounting of avoided emissions.




Chalmers Areas of Advance – Cross-border Research and Outreach

Hosted by Chalmers University of Technology
Wednesday, August 28 (12.20 pm – 01.15 pm)

The eight Chalmers Areas of Advance span across our 17 departments and bring together the three components that make up the knowledge triangle: research, education and innovation. Through scientific excellence, the Areas of Advance give Chalmers a clearer profile, greater visibility and new opportunities to focus on areas, where we can make a difference to major societal challenges.

Meet three of Chalmers Areas of Advance and listen to how they take on the challenges towards a sustainable future. Presented from the Transport Area of Advance is the interdisciplinary project SEVS (Safe Efficient Vehicle Solutions) where future transport solutions are analyzed using methods developed for solving wicked problems. The Production Area of Advance will introduce their work on how to increase a researcher’s awareness on sustainability and how to measure sustainability effects. Highlighted from the Energy Area of Advance is the €150 million GoBiGas project where Chalmers collaborate with the industrial partner Göteborg Energi to commercialize high efficient and large scale biofuel production.