Sustainable production, product development and design


Innovation and product development

Product design has from the early nineties been seen as key to more sustainable consumption and production and many efforts have been made towards green product design. Tools and work procedures have been invented and sometimes implemented, products have been redesigned, product strategies chosen and even whole business concepts based on green products.

We invite contributions dealing with theory, practice and experience on how sustainability can be addressed in product design. Topics include, but are not limited to:

- Experience from practice on sustainable product design
- Drivers and barriers to green product design
- Tools such as metrics and work procedures for sustainable product design, and in particular experience from the use of such tools

Format: Oral session and posters


PechaKucha: Ecodesign

Design is one of the most powerful incentives when buying new products today. Based on trends, shapes, colors, functions, brands… and now environment, design is totally included in our lives. How to build a new economy based on sustainable development? How to respond to all human needs worldwide, and escape the socio-cultural domination of esthetics and mass consumption? How to integrate the consumer as a designer in the process of production of goods?

This session will be a workshop based on the PechaKucha principles, and explore the reality of Ecodesign worldwide. Submitted PowerPoint-slides will be collected by the chairs and classified by categories or themes. One expert panel will go through the slides and the products from an ecodesign perspective. The audience will react on the presented ecodesigns and in the end come up with the best ecodesigned product.

Format: Workshop based on PechaKucha

Please note that we do not call for traditional abstracts for this round table. We call for one slide (one picture of one product, maximum three sentences) about the best known ecodesigned product. It could be your own designed product or other design product that you know about. Register and submit your contribution under the heading “Ecodesign workshop”. Deadline for contributions are March 28, 2013.


Sustainable production

More sustainable industrial production is closely related to resource efficiency in production processes. Furthermore, increased resource efficiency through reuse and recycling requires the use of knowledge from the production field, e.g. to achieve remanufacturing of products and secondary materials of high quality.

We invite contributions dealing with theory, practice and experience on how sustainability can be addressed in production processes and incorporated in the management of production.  Topics include, but are not limited to:

- How to simultaneously deal with social, economic and ecologic aspects in the management of production
- The challenge to incorporate a life cycle perspective in decision making related to production, while still addressing the local concerns entailed by pollution prevention strategies 
- Metrics for sustainable production
- Procedures for incorporating sustainability aspects in production management

We also invite contributions on how knowledge from the production field may be applied in end-of-use activities, such as disassembly, remanufacturing, reverse logistics.

Format: Oral session and posters